Joi Crawford-Johnson, Board-Certified Christian Counselor


My name is Joi Crawford-Johnson. I am a born-again Christian—Baptized with the Holy Ghost since my teenage years. I am graced to be in my years of jubilee.  I am married to my husband since 2008.  I have four beautiful children.  I am a Board-Certified Christian Counselor through Coventry House School of Ministry (TX).  My place of worship is at Upper Room COGIC, Raleigh, NC where Bishop Patrick L. Wooden, Sr. is the Pastor & Lady Pamela Wooden is his wife and First Lady.  

I am the Author of the book: "Forgive Me I Love You: Those Five Words Of Grace" which can be purchased through Amazon and Barnes & Nobles or for an autographed copy you may email me at [email protected] 

In December of 2015, I obtained my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Behavioral Science and Graduated Cum Laude.  Since May of 2015, I have been a volunteer Client Advocate at a pregnancy and sexual health resource center called Gateway Women's Care where I counsel young women from ages 18 to 25 (and even up to about 35).  In April 2018, I obtained my Christian Counseling Certificate.  In March 2017, I became a volunteer Pediatric Cuddler.  This service involves me giving love to sick babies through hugging, praying, singing, reading and playing with them.  In July 2017, I completed my Master of Arts in Psychology Degree at Ashford University with a 3.75 GPA.  Because of this I was invited to become a member of two Honor Societies: The Golden Key International Honor Society and the Tua Upsilon Honor Society with the most prestigious being The Golden Key International Honor Society.  As of October 2017, I am currently enrolled with Bethany Divinity College and School of Ministry (Alabama) to pursue my Doctorate Degree in Christian Counseling.  I am also currently a student in the Master of Social Work program at Our Lady of the Lake University (Texas).  My experience along with practical living and Biblical principles, concepts and theories I have learned assists me in becoming a more successful professional Christian counselor and psychologist. Counseling appeals to me because I am a warm-hearted person who enjoys encouraging people; and whose heart goes out to hurting people and victims of violence especially.