Joi Crawford-Johnson, Board-Certified Christian Counselor


My name is Joi Crawford-Johnson. I am a born-again Christian—Baptized with the Holy Ghost since my teenage years. I am graced to be in my years of jubilee.  I am married to my husband since 2008.  I have four beautiful children.  I am a Board-Certified Christian Counselor through Coventry House School of Ministry (TX).  My place of worship is at Upper Room COGIC, Raleigh, NC where Bishop Patrick L. Wooden, Sr. is the Pastor.  In December of 2015, I obtained my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Applied Behavioral Science and Graduated Cum Laude.  Since May of 2015, I have been a volunteer Client Advocate at a pregnancy and sexual health resource center called Gateway Women's Care where I counsel young women from ages 18 to 25 (and even up to about 35).  In April 2018, I obtained my Christian Counseling Certificate.  In March 2017, I became a volunteer Pediatric Cuddler.  This service involves me giving love to sick babies through hugging, praying, singing, reading and playing with them.  In July 2017, I completed my Master of Arts in Psychology Degree at Ashford University with a 3.75 GPA.  Because of this I was invited to become a member of two Honor Societies: The Golden Key International Honor Society and the Tua Upsilon Honor Society with the most prestigious being The Golden Key International Honor Society.  As of October 2017, I am currently enrolled with Bethany Divinity College and School of Ministry (Alabama) to pursue my Doctorate Degree in Christian Counseling.  I am also currently a student in the Master of Social Work program at Our Lady of the Lake University (Texas).  My experience along with practical living and Biblical principles, concepts and theories I have learned assists me in becoming a more successful professional Christian counselor and psychologist. Counseling appeals to me because I am a warm-hearted person who enjoys encouraging people; and whose heart goes out to hurting people and victims of violence especially.