Joi Crawford-Johnson, Board-Certified Christian Counselor


Though you (Joi) have all of these professional accomplishments, you lead more with your heart than your head.  Your personal experiences, compassion and strong desire to see healing shines through everything you say and do; and you allow the healing process to feel less like an isolation and more like a comforting partnership.  ~ Mr. Jonathon

When I met Joi, I had the outside appearance of being happy and a carefree person.  It wasn't really who I was but wanted to be.  Joi has shown me that my happiness is only dependent on me.  She is a caring and a compassionate person who can show you ways to work out any issue that life can throw at you....  ~Ms. Cathy 

Joi has an amazing love, passion and Jesus joy about her.  She connects with people on a truly human and spiritual level.  She not only has care and understanding for what others are going through and are dealing with, she shares a piece of herself with them as well. Ms. Erin

In my heart, I know God is behind Joi in becoming a counselor.  Her soft spoken voice, her never-ending smile, and ears that can hear one's desperate cry for help makes her so lovable and approachable.  We all have battle scars from life, we just have to find the right person to help heal.  Joi is her name. ~ Ms. Jill